Showcase Of Authors Showcase Of Authors authors Kedra N-Bellamy &<BR>Brittany Holmes with Savvy 189644 Kedra N-Bellamy &<BR>Brittany Holmes 189617 Authors<BR>Mother & Daughter 189618 Smile everyone! 189619 Author Gregory Williams & Vice President Tilo Wilkins Book Signing of book Solomons Quest & Brotherwood 189645 196398977 Authors Gregory Williams, DeiIra Collard, Book Signing All under one roof 189661 One more time! 189620 Savvy Sistahs & Brothers 189649 Savvy President & Vice Presidetn with Authors 189646 Smile we got our books signed 189662 Savvy Book Club December 2007 189665 Savvy Presents Kimberla with a Plaque and Certificate 189647 Savvy Members and Sydney Molare 189648 Kimberla and Secretary Princess 189673 Author Gregory Williams 189663 Savvy Members pose with Author Kimberla Lawson Roby 189670 Author Diane Dorce 189664 Kimberla and Tilo 189669 Gregory, DeiIra, and Voncele 189666 Rose, Gregory, DeiIra, Voncele, and Tilo 189667 Gregory and Tilo 189650 Kimberla and Kimberly Mooney 189677 Kimberla and LaShanda 189672 Author Gregory Williams 189668 Savvy Members Author Voncele Savage 189671 Author & Actress Mrs. Bern Nadett Stanis Better Known as Thelma from Good Times 189651 Kimberla and Rose 189674 Special Meet & Greet With Author Kimberla Lawson Roby 189675 Savvy Members Savvy members smile for the camera! 189652 Kimberla signing autographs 189676