Brian W. Smith Meet & Greet /Savvy Anniversary Brian W. Smith Meet & Greet /Savvy Anniversary Join in the celebration 30057922 Meet Best Selling Author Brian W. Smith 30057923 Circle of ColorBook Club's Mrs. Matory, Author Brian W. Smith, & Savvy President Rose Wright 30057924 Willie Morris Librarian Mrs. Carolyn Carter being award for her support 30060446 Robria Daniels sings "I am Changing" in celebration for the Ladies of Savvy Book Club getting their wings. 30060448 Awarding Librarian Mrs. Carolyn Carter for her support of our book club. 30061454 Awarding the Savvy Butterflies their Wings. 30061455 30761493 Savvy and Author Brian W. Smith 30071200 Savvy Salutes Author Brian W. Smith 30061456 30761494 Librarian Mrs. Carolyn Carter & Author Brian W. Smith 30061457 30761495 30761496 30761498 30761539 30761540 30761541 30761542 30761543 30761544 30761545